The ability to know how to write is crucial in rap. One of the biggest things in the rap community ans also the most difficult is getting respect from other artists. They’re a few artists out that don’t really want their own lyrics. Instead they use what is called “Ghost Writers” where other artists write their lyrics and then they used them for their songs. Dr.Dre used ghost writers for his raps, because dre as widely known as the best producer in hip hop and is a legend, it didn’t really seem to matter much. Current huge rappers like Drake have admitted to ghost writing and that seem to de-credit him as a good rapper despite his popularity and success.

What you’ll start to notice is all things tie together and cross each other when it comes to becoming a rapper. The more you start to practice freestyle rap the better you will become at writer and vice versa. It may not sounds like a lot of fun but reading drastically helps you become a better at writing raps. The more words you begin to become familiar with and learn the more tools you have in your arsenal. Eminem said he used to study the dictionary and you can definitely see it in his rhymes.

Another thing that great rappers do is they tend to carry scratch pads with them so they can always write down ideas, concepts or whatever rhyme comes to their head. They jot it down and store it for later use. Whether it be for a punchline in a cypher or even an idea that might turn into an actual song. You should also be thinking of rhymes and if you can write them down you can always go back in apply them later.How To Write Rap Lyrics

Just like I mentioned in the other articles on this site, study rappers and really pay attention to how they write. You should never copy someones style but instead use their parts of their style that you like and make it your own. This will allow you to be a bit more creative when you are actually trying to sit down and write out some rhymes.