If you’re looking to become a rapper in any type of capacity, whether it be a professional rapper trying to make it in the industry and turn it into a successful career, or just be a well known underground rapper or someone who just likes to be able to rap for entertainment. There is one thing I firmly believe that all asipring rappers should really do and take serious and that is studying the game and those that came before.

Hip Hop as a very strong tradition and to really be respected in the hip hop/rap community you need to understand the culture. Especially in today rap where a lot of artist don’t know songs and classics from iconic rappers that changed the game. Rappers such as Tupac, Biggie,Nas and even further back to KRS-One, Rakim etc.

It’s important that you study the history of rap because not only will it help you learn the different styles of rap which can ultimately help you form your own path, but rappers who study the game show it in their music.

One of the easiest ways on how to be a rapper is just by simply listening to rap music. Sounds obvious but people seem to really underestimate how vital this is to developing your own style and rapping ability. People think you just have to has the coolest and more mind twisting rhymes to become a rapper, and while being able to be lyrical, which is sadly sorely lacking in the rap game as of late. You also have to be able to understand how to flow properly so that your words come out smooth and on beat. You can have the best rhymes but if your delivery is horrible than it really takes the impact away from your lyrics. This important for every rapper.

Practice Writing and Freestyling…

The next obvious step is to practice your ability to write rhymes and freestyle. These are methods that are always going to sharpen your skills and give you the ability to put everything together. Learning how to freestyle rap is something I firmly believe that every rapper should do. This separates the average rapper from the best rappers in the game. Writing raps will not only help you develop elite writing skills but this will also translate over to freestyle raps. It’s constant exercise for your brain to think and come up with rhymes, punchlines etc.

Be True To Who You Are As A Rapper

Another problem is a lot of rappers today all sounds the same. You could listen to 5 different rap artists and literally can’t tell them apart based on their rhymes, flow and style. If you want to become a rapper than you need to be able to stand out from the crowd and make a name for your self. People can tell and feel when someone is being original. This make your music connect at a much deeper level. You don’t have to be the most lyrical person to be a great rapper. Tupac is a great example of this.

While Tupac was no slouch in terms of lyrics, he wasn’t the most lyrical with crazy rhymes but he talked about things that were real and things that people can connect with. His passion and the way he came across in his music is what grabbed peoples attention and hearts. He was very poetic and brought issues that most people didn’t talk about at the point in time and really put a spotlight on it.

Eminem is another example of someone standing out from the crowd. Eminem was unique in the sense that he is ridiculous with his rhymes but his ability to flow and how he delivers his rhymes in man ways is what set him apart ( aside fro being white). Not only that but he also talked about personal things going on in his life and brought a side to rap that NO ONE was doing at that time. It was fresh, it was shocking and yes, controversial.

The point is they didn’t follow the crowd. They found their own voice and presented it in a way that was appealing and brought something fresh to the rap community. If you can stick to these things and most importantly practice.. practice practice… There is no reason that you can’t learn how to be a rapper.