Rap has without a doubt become the most influential genre is music today. From style and image, to professional sports and brands. One of main cores of rap and hip hop since the very beginning has been the art of freestlying. Freestyling has change over the years in terms of what the true definition of it is as well as the style. It’s one of the main concepts that people try to master when they are trying to learn how to be a rapper.

They’re two methods of freestyle rapping and both can be taught and learned much easier than you might believe. The first and most common form of freestyling is being able to freestyle off the top of the head with or without a beat. This means that you don’t have anything prepared to rap, you simply just flow to a beat and come up with rhymes off the top of your head. This is the most challenging form of freestyling because yo have to be able to keep words coming out and think of rhymes at the same time to keep your rap flowing.

The other form of freestyle is just simply rhyming to a beat with no takes or edits which is the more common form of freestyle rapping that you see today. Where rappers typical already have written rap verses memorized and have an arsenal of verses to spit at any given time. This is very common in battle raps and cyphers. Although when it comes to battling you want to be able to be creative on the spot as well so that you can flip a verse or punchline that someone rap towards you. Or even be able to make comments about something that you see right in front you you to show your wittiness.

How Difficult Is It To Rap?

At first it may seem pretty difficult when you’re first trying to figure out how to rap and keep a flow going, but in reality it’s much more simple than you might think.

Freestyle Rap For All is an course that teaches people even at the most basic level, people that have never rapped before to understand the basic fundamentals of rap. It breaks it down at a beginner level and gets more advanced as you go through the course.

Just Keep Rapping….

One of the most simple tips that Freestyle Rap For All gives you in the beginning is to just keep rapping. Most people concentrate too hard on trying to come up with rhymes that they often start to get stuck and fumble their lines or completely stop. The trick is to keep going even if yo screw up. The purpose to this is to get your brain used to flowing and subcounsiouly you’ll start to pick up words that you can rhyme and come back around full circle. As you keep this process going it will become easier and more importantly, more natural for you to continue to come up with rhymes and it will allow your raps to be much more fluid.

Some Freestyle Rap Tips and Examples..

When you’re starting out don’t try to go for the most impressive, lyrical rhymes. Keep it simple and as you get better and advance you will naturally start to come up with more complex lines.


A punchline is a line or two that makes a big statement, more so then the other lyrics in the particular line. It’s basically the exclamation point on your verse. Her are a few examples of some from two of my favortie rappers.

“You wanna see fights?, I got a match for ya/
You couldn’t flip shit, playing it toilets with a spatula”

” I grab mics and push rappers to the left/
so fast their hearts end up on the right side of their chest”

You see how those last few words make a big bold statement in that particular line? These are really important when it comes to rapping, especially when it comes to battle raps.


Metaphors are also heavily used in rapping as well. Metaphors are a figure of speech or a phrese that is applied to an object or action that isn’t applicable. Some examples of rap metaphors are:

“Breaking the Facts of life down like Tuti ( character from the tv show ” The facts of Life”)
Im raw like sushi ( Raw fish)
with more vocab than 3 *** fugees ( The fugees was a hip ho group known for more complex vocabulary)

” Slim Shady, brain dead like Jane Brady” ( Dumb daughter from brady bunch )

These are just a couple of examples of some of the cores to rapping. I’m sure most of you reading this most likely understand these terms but for those who are really new it’s nice to see examples and really get an understanding of what they are so that you can better apply them as you move forward.

If you really want to excel and sharpen your skills and really learn how to freestyle rap than I would highly recommend Freestyle Rap For All. Now only do you get a course of how to freestyle but also access to a private facebook group with other members who share and support other people who are learning to rap. It’s a great community that helps you get better as you can link up with other people who are mastering this skill. It’s a very unique system.